Gatekeepers of your Wealth

Successful and wealthy people, are never short of people trying to sell them products.  At M3 Wealth Advisors, we want to protect you from all of that, by serving as the gatekeepers of your family’s wealth. No matter what the stage ( Young family, Wealth Accumulation, Retirement, or Wealth Transfer), families need to manage their wealth

  1. They need to protect it from tragedy by providing insurance as a solid foundation in the event of death or loss of income due to illness.
  2. They need to protect their wealth from excess taxes. There is confiscatory tax system that stands between the government  and your family’s wealth, proper legal planning may be able to reduce this.
  3. Protect it from the product driven market that wants to jam their products in even if they don’t fit like square pegs in round holes. Or worse ones with high fees and not appropriate.
  4. Protect them from themselves, so often people react to emotion and don’t plan and make poor decisions, planning helps put you in control and provides financial confidence.
  5. At M3 Wealth Advisors, we are your Financial Guardians, the Gatekeepers of your family’s wealth. We serve as your key advisor responsible for integrating all their wealth management needs via a virtual family office, to direct a dedicated team, driving your financial strategy.

M3 Command Center– This tool available through EMoney Advisor, gives our clients insight and control of their finances.  It provides a central location for all your finances and allows us to take a holistic approach to managing your wealth.  Using the M3 Command Center, we can help our clients make informed decisions about their finances.  We do this by creating financial plans that allow us to look at growth opportunities and determine the impact of your financial decisions on your portfolio.

We recognize that wealth management is more than just your current finances, it’s your children’s and grandchildren’s money, and we take that responsibility very seriously.